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Why Propane

The advantages of propane are significant. There are millions of households in the US now that are choosing propane as their desired energy source. There are several reasons why propane may be the right choice for you. Propane certainly is an environmentally friendly choice. It burns cleaner, works harder, and operates smarter than traditional heating oil. By choosing propane, you are making a positive step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and protecting the environment. Propane does not harm the soil and water and the placement of your tank whether above ground or under ground is not regulated by the EPA. According to the EPA, much of the sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, which produces acid rain, is attributable to coal-fired, electricity generating facilities. By comparison, neither the process by which propane is produced nor the combustion of propane gas produces significant acid rain contaminants. Propane is a versatile energy source. It can be used to cook your food, heat your water, dry your clothes, and ultimately heat your house!


So again you ask WHY PROPANE?


Because it is CLEAN- clean burning and non toxic

Because it is RELIABLE-propane works when and where other energy sources don’t

Because it is GOOD VALUE- propane can offer savings over other energy sources

Because it is SAFE- propane has built-in safety properties and stringent safety regulatons