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Kick Plan


Annual Price: 

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Description of Services:

Our Kick Plan includes everything in our Base Plan plus it covers replacement during the Initial Term and any Renewal Term of the burner parts listed below that may become defective due to normal wear and tear.  The Kick Plan includes up to one (1) hour of labor (at current rates) per service call made during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM).  We will bill you for labor performed in excess of one (1) hour per service call and for services performed outside of our normal business hours.  You will not be billed for hours spent by our techs in performing the annual service included in our Base Plan. 


- Blower bearings                

- Blower belt                     

- Blower pulleys

- Burner air tube                    

- Burner coupling              

- Burner fan

- Burner head                         

- Burner motor                  

- Nozzle

- Cad cell                                  

- Draft regulator                

- Electrodes

- Fuel pump

- Emergency switch

- Ignition transformer

- Primary control  

- Smoke pipe                    

- Blower motor (for heating system only not air conditioning)


- Oil filter cartridge              

- Fan & limit control           


*See exclusions below for parts/equipment that are not covered.