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With more than 40 years of combined experience, Haffner’s provides full propane service, including delivery, installation, appliances and round-the-clock maintenance.

In addition to the-communities in Haffner’s oil delivery service area, the company delivers propane to homes in Plum Island. New territories are added when there is sufficient demand. Please call to inquire if your city or town has been added.

  • A gas check should be performed every three years to identify any leaks and test the condition and pressure of the unit.
  • Haffner’s offers a variety of propane heating products, including fireplaces and patio heaters.


Click here to view. Haffner’s provides 24 hour service to all customers. If you live outside Haffner’s service area and are interested in propane delivery, please call (978) 683-2771 to speak with a customer service representative.