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Our Brand

We are thrilled to announce that our new brand has launched!
Haffner's has a very long and storied history, and updating this existing brand is an enormous undertaking. Did you know we've been around since 1925? If we were going to update our look, it needed to be modern enough to stand with other premium brands and stay true to Haffner’s heritage. We brought together a group of Haffner’s employees and gathered valuable insights. We are proud that the result is a clean, readable and strong design that will resonate with both new and existing customers. 

The new brand will be rolled out over the next few years at all of our gas stations, car washes, vehicles and offices. This won’t be a short or easy process but we are very excited to kick the Haffner's brand up a notch (pun intended) with our new look as our business continues to evolve and expand.

Thank you for being a part of the Haffner's family!