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Oil Tank Protection Plan

You must be enrolled in the Kick Plan or Deluxe Kick Plan to participate in this service plan. You must also be enrolled in our automatic fuel delivery program.

Annual Price: $64.95 per tank, per year

Description of Plan: Under our Oil Tank Protection Plan, we will provide you with a credit in an amount of $1,000 toward the replacement cost of a new above ground oil tank that leaks due to normal wear and tear.  If you have more than one oil tank, you must purchase separate Oil Tank Protection Plans for each tank.  The $1,000 credit will be applied to the amount that we invoice you for the costs to replace your oil tank.  All work must be performed by us.  You will be responsible for all costs in excess of $1,000.     

Eligible Tanks:  You are only eligible to participate in our Oil Tank Protection Plan if your oil tank satisfies (as determined by us in our discretion) the following requirements:

  • Tank must be above ground
  • Tank capacity must not exceed 330 gallons
  • Tank must be used for residential purposes only
  • Tank must meet all current codes and other legal requirements
  • Tank must be installed inside the residence
  • Tank must not have any patches
  • Our tank inspection

If at any time during the term you are no longer enrolled in our automatic fuel delivery program, your oil tank protection plan(s) will automatically terminate without notice and you will not be eligible for any refunds.

Our oil tank protection plan does not extend to any environmental clean up or environmental impact costs.  You are responsible for any and all claims, damages or losses arising out of or result from any release of petroleum products.  We do not guarantee that your oil tank will not leak or fail.