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Heating Oil Facts & FAQ's


  • Heating Oil contains over 135,000 BTU’s per gallon. Natural gas contains 99,000 BTU’s per gallon. This means you get more heat per gallon from heating oil.
  • Heating Oil is produced by the process of refining crude oil. The same process that produces gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, and diesel fuel.
  • Heating Oil is champagne colored after the refining process. It is then dyed red to distinguish it from diesel fuel for tax purposes.
  • Heating Oil is safe and must be vaporized in order to ignite. A lit match would simply go out if it were dropped in a pool of heating oil.
  • Heating Oil today contains 95% less sulfur than it did in 1970. The heating oil equipment has also evolved and is roughly 20% more efficient now than it was 20 years ago.



How big is my oil tank?
Most tanks inside of homes are 275 gallon tanks. The dimensions of a conventional 275 gallon tank is 26W X 44”H X 60”L. Some homes have two tanks piped together for a storage capacity of 550 gallons. Other less common sizes are 225, 330, 550 and 1000 gallon storage. If you have questions about your oil tank, contact us at 978-683-2771.
How many times can I press the reset button my oil burner?
The reset button is most often red in color and located at the front of your oil burner. It should only be pressed ONCE in the event that your burner does not fire. DO NOT press it more than once. If you have to press it and even if it does fire after pressing the rest button, it is a good idea to call us for a service appointment as a follow up. 978-683-2771
What is the whistling sound I hear when my tank is being refilled?
Most oil tanks are equipped with an audible alarm for the truck driver to hear while he is filling the tank. When the alarm stops, the driver knows the tank is full. The whistling is cause by the air being displaced by the filling of oil into the tank.
Can I pay the driver with a check for my oil delivery?
By going to the “ORDER OIL” page on our website, you can set up a delivery and you can pay the driver with a check upon delivery.