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Well here's what not new.

We give the same great service at a competitive price. Our tunnels are manned by trained carwash attendants. They will guide you onto the conveyor, prep your vehicle and send you on your way to a great wash.

Here’s what’s new.

Tunnel Equipment – We’ve been washing cars for a long time and so has most of our equipment. We are currently in the midst of a major equipment upgrade chain wide. We have 2 completely new tunnels at our Hudson NH and Plaistow Rd Haverhill locations. There are new blower sets in N. Andover and Methuen. Lowell has a new tire brush and a new set of blowers. We also put in almost 500 feet of new conveyor. All of this was accomplished in Q4 2016 and throughout 2017. We have done all of this to ensure we continue to deliver superior service at a competitive price.

Pay Stations – Pull up to one of our new pay stations, select your wash, pay with cash, credit or debit. The gate goes up and you pull forward to the tunnel where our attendant is waiting for you.

Codes – Did you buy your wash at the gas pump? No problem, pull up, enter the code on your receipt into the pay station and the gate goes up. Pull forward to the tunnel and our attendant will take good care of you.

Save 20 cents a gallon – If you make a carwash purchase at the gas pump or kiosk, you save 20 cents a gallon when you pump your gas. You will get a receipt with a wash code. Enter the code at the pay station and you are good to go. At the moment, your gas code is only good at the site where you made your purchase.

Monthly Carwash Club Plan – Wash all month starting at $13.99 for the Basic Carwash plan. The packages go up to $24.99, $34.99 and $39.99 for the Works Carwash plan.

Business Accounts – Do you have a fleet and want it to stay looking sharp? Talk to one of our people about a House Account. We will give you a discount based on your volume and invoice you at the end of the month.