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Base Plan


Annual Price: 

Please Call 978-683-2771

Description of Services:

Under our Base Plan, we will perform an annual service for your heating system in the form of a system tune-up and efficiency test as follows:


  • Clean Boiler or Furnace
  • Clean Smoke Pipe and Chimney base if necessary
  • Inspect and vacuum combustion chamber
  • Replace oil filter cartridge
  • Replace oil nozzle
  • Clean or replace pump strainer (as determined by our tech)
  • Lubricate all motors
  • Clean and adjust electrodes
  • Test control safety timing
  • Test low water cutoff (for steam systems only)
  • Perform combustion efficiency test


The annual service under our Base Plan must be scheduled by you by calling us at 978-683-2771.  The annual service will be performed only during our normal business hours and may not be scheduled during the period of October 15th through December 15th.  You must make your heating unit accessible to us so that we can service it.